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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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libertarian politicians will get out of our way. that's our show for tonight. good night until next time and night from -- tomorrow, good night from new york. kennedy: heap st. lp. >> happy st. patrick's day. the guy at the bar already drunk by 9:30 in the morning with big ideas and stories to tell he will build a giant wall, and get mexico to pay for it.
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then keeping social security as it is while the balancing budget, lowers taxes, and bringing plastic crap to detroit as a screw you on the chinese. further down the bar, you see good times bernie oh, sander -- o-sanders. don't get me wrong, everyone loves free booze, but he is using your credit card, and you don't get to drink. there is the hillary clinton who would push chelsea under a bus if it meant getting more superdelegates. you recognize her, he is wearing the kiss me, i'm a felon t-shir t-shirt. she will beat the constitution
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to death with the shillelagh. where is bernie who you need him? because i need a drink. on the show tonight. dos and don'ts of gets a presidential candidate to choose you as a running mate. and brett baier will join me, what becomes of marco rubio's orphaned delegates. and metal god joins me to blow your mind with the power of music, glad you're here, i'm kennedy. kennedy: donald trump, said that time has come for the republican party to congeal around him. and he has warned if g.o.p. ousts him, it will lead to riots, let's talk about it with our party panel. much to discuss.
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katherine. and pete is here, fox news contributor, green tie-wearer, joined by guy benson. town hall political editor also a fox news contributor. welcome to you all. >> hello. kennedy: happy day of irish whiskey. >> i was impressed with your monologue. kennedy: thank you. >> you are doing great work. kennedy: thank you, you are kind. >> look at you,. kennedy: all right, let's talk about donald trump. is he right about rioting in for some reason there is a contested convention? >> is he right there will be a lot of upset people in america? absolutely. >> not just upset. >> he says riots, i don't think he is talking about what you are thinking about. i don't think he is advocating that rioting.
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>> did you watch tv friday? >> i had plan. one dude decking another does not violent make. >> i want to ask you what does a republican riot look like? >> a very lame riot am we're punching each other. we're socking each other in the face, cleveland will be great. kennedy: democrats are also attacking republicans, police force is gearing up with to knows ofry to the gear -- riot gear, i don't think it is necessarily to protect -- >> it is for the press. the media that will need to put on riot gear just to cover this convention. kennedy: is this a lose-lose? >> it is. support donald trump who is ridiculous. or, they will nominate someone else, then it will be half and
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half, because the never-trump people are always never-trump, and always-trump people are always-trump. it is a lose-lose, then hillary over there. woof. kennedy: she was imitating hillary clinton who barks. >> she can bark too. kennedy: people look at hillary clinton say, she never gets caught for anything, including new e-mails regarding hillary clinton's server scandal, showing that then secretary of state hillary clinton asked for a secure blackberry-like device but denied due to security concerns. after she was using private
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e-mail accounts on her home server she accessed blackberry to exchange messages with top aides, walk me through this. what did she do wrong? >> she wanted to use a blackberry for convenience, and other security officials said we don't have the means to do what you want to do through a blackberry. kennedy: keeping it secure. >> yes we're going to ask don't do that right now, she said, i don't really care what you have to say, i will find my own way to receive my e-mails when i want to, for convenience, she let loose the old home brewed server, but this is a smoking gun. she was told not to do it. >> she is like, well you know, if you can't figure out i'm still going to do it, because i want to do it ea . kennedy: so much entitle a ment there?
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>> yeah, exactly. kennedy: i think she will use that nsa e-mail as an accuse, saying look how cruel they were to me. >> the victim again. she blames everyone but herself all of the time. they tried over classification problem, they classified too many things that is ridiculous. fine, but for dozens of e-mails that are top-secret, beyond top re top-secret? these closecasions are serious -- classifications are serious, i think that voters are probably not paying close attention to the ins and outs, they understand this is arrogance that is baked into the clinton cake, a dark cloud hanging over the campaign, that is why her numbers to trustworthiness are terrible.
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kennedy: she is so bad when moderators ask her about the server and the e-mail and the dime? indictment. >> and he jorge ramos asked here, what are you going to do, she said, i'm not going to answer that. >> she would have no idea. kennedy: he would -- in the riots there will be kitchen sinks flying. >> the classiest sink. believe me,. kennedy: italian marbled. >> i have concerns about donald trump, he will attack her ruthlessly, but he will overstep, go to far, which will allow her to claim the victimhood card. >> that is actually funny. kennedy: but the problem is, she will start crying in the
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middle of the debate, people will say, oh, she is a grandma, we feel bad for her. >> he is right or one guy that can never over play his -- when has he yet? it is not true. >> his unfavorable rating is 67%, he has over played his hand, people are paying attention. two-thirds of americans look at him, say don't like him. kennedy: oh, all right. kennedy:, i like this panel, they will return later but first brett baier, answers what happens to presidential candidates after they drop out and don't run. >> i've been doing push ups, and reading the economists and i'm the governor of a crucia
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kennedy: oh, marco rubio dropped out this week, what happens to his supporters? special report hosts, brett baier is joining me now, welcome back. >> hey. kennedy: let's talk about marco rubio's magical delicates -- delegates can he use them as placal capital. >> he could, this basically state to state, each state has different rules. most of the states say that they are then unbound, when he
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suspends his campaign most could go to wherever they want, they are free agents essentially at the convention. some states say, they have to be bound, vote for marco rubio on the first ballot a convention vote, after that, they are unbound. this matters if donald trump does not get majority of 1237 before cleveland, the rnc convention that means there will have to be voting, one ballot, a second ballot they could be kin kingmakers. kennedy: then we'll have i knew pope. >> the white smoke, the whole deal, cleveland will be interesting. kennedy: now that donald trump is promising riots, i want to talk about rubio's performance a little bit, you saw him a lot in the debate.
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do you think his debate performances that influenced how he did the race more so? >> i think that one debate performance really did him in, in new hampshire, coming offserf iowa a surprise third there. that one debate where chris christie came after him, he did look robotic that did his campaign in. otherwise he performed pretty well in debates, the criticism is he was a little --matic. kennedy: there was a debate after new hampshire he did not wake up until the end, cruz and trump going after one another, but final 10 minutes he seemed to redeem himself, but that was not enough. >> now senator -- judge ga garland -- how does this play
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out? >> i think they hole the line, i think they will stay with what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said, principle not the person. they will meet with garland, say, you are a good guy in any other year we would vote for you, but not this year, i think -- if democrats win in november. and hillary clinton, let's say. i think on the next day, the senate will move forward in a lame duck session to approve mayor garland. the moderate they would fear that hillary clinton would try to put through somebody more liberal. kennedy: interesting that is first time i heard that, but it makes sense. i would ask you what is more politically disaerous for -- disastrous for republicans. is it inaction or a hillary
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clinton nomination are in supreme court. >> democrats could then filibuster mayor garland saying we're holding out for someone else, the logistics are interesting, the republicans are hoping to make the white house. kennedy: do you anything there is any discussion between hillary clinton and brack prac as fabarack obama as far as these go? let's says, and the white house says there has not been. -- he says and the white house says there has not been, it is separate proposal, they however did say that privately, barack obama has been saying to donors, it is time to coalesce around hillary clinton. kennedy: yeah. brett, you are sad that the next debate has been canceled? >> you know there is something about it that is just, great that debates for us, getting ready. i'm not that sad about it. it is -- it was something that
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fell apart quickly, once trump said no, kasich said, if trump does not go i'm not going, ted cruz did not want to do a town hall in utah. we'll try is again. kennedy: you can always invite the osmonds. >> yeah, already. kennedy: brett thank you for your time, always appreciate it. >> we'll see you. kennedy: coming up in a little bit, seaworld said they will quit breezing ocas. -- or cas. me too. with reacted. but first dos and doan's for 30 sigging yourself as a -- 30 sigging yourself as a -- dos and don'ts for positions e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you.
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kennedy: nothing is certain, but donald trump and hillary clinton are the clear frontrunner. it is time for woulding vice presidenting to start kissing up. -- what are dos and don'ts of positions yourself to be highist sidekick in the land. we ask co-host of the 5, former white house press secretary. >> not president, i am not a vice presidential pick. kennedy: are you putting yourself on the committee? >> no but that one way. kennedy: if you want to be a vp nominee you have to b trustworthy and a good counselor. >> a lot of people think that vice presidents are picked because they will get them something great, i think best ones are -- i am honest, trust worthy, i will be a counselor and a guide, i will never tell you something is just because
5:22 am
it makes you feel better. kennedy: so you say be from an advantageous elect o -- elock electorate straights. >> this is not always true, but in an election like this with 7 swing states. it could be advantageous to be from one of those states. you look at someone like john kasich, how do you win ohio. john kasich won 86 of 88 county in his election. he has 80% aircraft proval in term -- approval in terms of governor. on virginia side, i think that hillary clinton would be
5:23 am
looking at a senator mark warner. kennedy: interesting. >> she has trouble with men, she is -- catholic, mile mannered, very good relations with the military, she must win virginia as barack obama did. kennedy: to kasich, he feels that first one trusts worthy, he seems he would be a loyal person, he is an establishment guy, he comes from ohio. >> he also knows everyone on capitol hill that is a benefit. >> let's talk about some of the don't, do not telegraph your intention to run for presidentsh. do people make that mistake? >> yes, that show veep that is like real life, but a lot of vice presidents, you think you want to be president, george w. bush never had to worry that vice president cheney would try too run for president against him, he
5:24 am
never had inspirations beyond vice president. you don't always have to worry about what are they up to today? you should not telegraph that. bill clinton in a way had to think about that with al gore. kennedy: yeah. don't be afraid to take a strong stand on issues. you have been through the vetting process that scares people who a moderate submission. >> i don't think that is true, i don't think that you can live your life thinking what are perfect decisions i can make it set myself up to be a perfect vice presidential candidate, have you say i made tough decisions i stand by them. kennedy: who is likely to be more of a vice president for trump, cruz or kasich? >> neither, i don't think that anyone in the mick right now will be -- mix right now will be a vice presidential mix.
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a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. kennedy: when your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow is full of blue -- blewen toium come to me. >> this week, representative pete sessions introduced house regularesolution 6 42 recognizing magic as a rare and valuable artform. people have mocked this as a time waster butpit pete is right, it impresses wall pry
5:29 am
-- primates like this baboon. either that magician just blew his mind. but that baboon had 4,000 votes of david copperfield core through his pry matt brain. is it not time to recognize magicians as skillful artists they are, they are coolest guys at camp, see. topic 2. perhaps you have seen to montage of donald trump saying his favorite dirty word over and over, bassist iggy jackson discovered and memorized
5:30 am
musicality of donald trump saying that one word that guaranteed to make your skin crawl, here he is clapping the bit to okay. do you remember the word? remind us donald. >> china, china, china, ♪ if you want to buy from china ♪ that is great, china, china, i have people that i know g in china, ♪ china, china, china, ♪ china, china, china ♪ china china ♪ china ♪ china ♪ china china. china china! ♪ kennedy: that is impressive, but i feel dirty and naughty and not so fresh every time i hear that. i don't know if you could say [ bleep ] like that on tv, sorry. that was rude. but brace yourself, not to be
5:31 am
outdone, fill harmonica orchestra composed a entire sim-- symphony. kennedy: i know people love their pets, i have about 796 names for my bulldog puppy lemm i a lemmy. i understand pet love, this is my gift to you. marry thorn love her pet, his name is ram poe, h rambo. he wears little outfits, rides in the side car. he is polite with kids. he has his own bedroom, and
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mary treats him like a baby. because he is a 6-foot will gator thaalligator that loves a chin rub. e car,s a solution, she is how cute is that? she is going to have him certified as a therapy animal. yeah. i hope she gets accomplished before her face transplant after rambo rips her eyes out and snacks on her nose, but, he is an alligator, thank you florida for once again, giving us tolpopgive pop call storm
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-- topical storm fodder. >> america has a new favorite foreign-born son, it is fabio, he has been sworn in as an american citizen after decades of shirt less models on cover of romance novels, he went through decades of paperwork, standing at the back of the line, he could have just greased himself up and slid in on the southern border, before. fun fabio fact. he was once hit in the face by a goose. do we have footage. >> like, i got like a 20 pound goose right on my face, the impact was horrendous. kennedy: fabio getting hit in the face by a 20 pound goose.
5:34 am
topic 5. foxes are quick, clever, and rarely kept as house pets, one guy has a fox, he taught it to giggle. our network top scientists are trying to use fox giggle technologien to hands old sitcoms to make them funnier. >> cordless phone on separate line. >> operational. >> stupid looking hat. >> listen,ana alf there is a s.w.a.t. team on its way. >> that calms me right down. >> what happened i got like a 20 pound goose on my face. kennedy: it works. if you have weird stories, that you want to see in
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topical storm, tweet me, you can find me on instagram. coming up, panel returns, a white sox player is told to stop bringing his gun to the clubhouse, we'll tell but his surprising reaction. some cash back cards are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet?
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od. helping the world keep promises. kennedy: i'm a model. seaworld announcing this week, it the quit breeding killer whales in captiv captivity. due to changing socioattitudes about animal rights. my panel is back to talk about
5:39 am
this. so. guy are they wusses to give in to this pressure from a bad documentary that was biassed? >> i think that is a an unfair way t uncharacterize free willie. kennedy: now they will be -- >> it will be sea riots everywhere, carnage. not -- it is -- i'm not sad, because i don't care about seaworld or the zoo. i'm not a big animal fan, however, i don't think they should have given in. >> why are social norms? >> they didn't do it to be nice, they did to because everyone got upset about the documentary, no one was going to seaworld,. kennedy: it affected the
5:40 am
bottom line. >> yes, the shares were up 6%. they are businessmen. kennedy: they are worried about the bottom line, would you ride an orca. >> yes, today, immediately, i would right now. kennedy: a killer whale? >> same thing, you can't trick me. kennedy: she is smart and pretty. talk about chicago white sox first baseman, adam la roush walking away from these salary for a surprising reason? he was told to stop bringing his son to the team clubhouse, and decided he would rather retire than left these friend-year-old at home -- 14-year-old at home, what is wrong? this is a weird entitlement issue. >> i am with --ic --
5:41 am
executives on this one, that is absurd, they called him out on it, don't bring him as much, he said no, i quit. kennedy: what is going on with that? don't you think he will miss the 13 million dollars a year more than missing a couple of evening with his son? >> the team has rallied around him, there is an uprising in the clubhouse, we should encourage a father who takes fatherhood seriously, we don't have enough of that. here is a multimillionaire athlete who is not running around the country, cheating on his spouse. >> we don't know that. >> w he has a lot of time with his kid, he is well liked, well behaved kid according to players, maybe tell him to cut down a little bit. kennedy: then everyone will
5:42 am
start bringing their kids, and you have a clubhouse full of kids. >> then, what you pick the best. and the rest have to go. what an idiot. >> it would change the dynamic. you know you struck out, and say golly geez, what about the guy -- >> from dusty baker almost got close lined, he ran out, was they in world series, the kid ran out. he could have gotten killed. maybe the 14-year-old is the same way. >> it is an insurance issue. kennedy: that is right. >> it should be. the team should be able to do what they want, they said let's not do it i don't think that team should have a rule. >> i'm a libertarian, there is not be any rules, let kids suit up, and put them in coach, this week, ted cruz released 25 interesting facts
5:43 am
about himself for us webly, -- ud"us weekly," including he is on level 350 on candy crush. and he hates avocados, and can quote every line from the princess bride. >> he recited the whole movie. kennedy: does this normalize him at all? >> hmm. i'm not sure, the fact that he does not like avocados means he does not like
5:44 am
guacamole, which almost makes him disqualified. kennedy: i agree, if you don't like avocados, there something wrong with you? >> who loves eating just an avocado? kennedy: i do. >> just slice them. kennedy: yes. i eat them like that. >> like an apple? >> no, you don't eat the avocado skin. kennedy: do you believe he is on level 350 on candy crush. >> you missed my favoritist fact. kennedy: which is that. >> he skipped school to play foosball once, i had no idea he was such a naughty boy. kennedy: once bitten by an octopus. >> probably because he was buying a naughty boy. kennedy: it does normalize him. >> foosball? >> foosball.
5:45 am
>> yeah. >> that might be thelese least interesting list i have seen. >> he is trying to be interesting, if you are interesting you are justin -- just interesting. kennedy: right, you don't have to say number 22, i wear cowboy booting at most every day. yeah, i wear underwear almost every day. >> to i want to see the list for hillary clinton. >> oh, i killed -- oh . >> this is catching on. >> mark my words. kennedy: let's throw a match on it. >> brett baier on the show. >> they are great slices of bread to your meaty sandwich. >> great, thank you. kennedy: coming up, mega-death
5:46 am
bassist in here in studio. with his tour. and what he thinks of the 2016 race. stay here. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. [alarm beeps] ♪
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kennedy: so founder. lead singer of mega-death. one of metal's most successful bands ever, they are on tour in north america, they sold 50 million albums worldwide, so nice to have you here. >> thanks.
5:50 am
kennedy: i wanted to talk to you for so long, album, done well for you. >> good. kennedy: great, i know you are a political person, you watch news, when i look at bernie sanders, i think socialists are trying to make uto be i don'utopia, do you think that rest of 'presidential race is the opposite dystopia? >> a good question, i don't follow bernie sanders that were but i do think you are right. i think that right now, so hard to look at different candidates try to figure out what are they really about. what -- you know, if you peal away the venire who are they, that is funny rubby de l fun -- rubio had that meltdown, he got into the name-calling stuff. is he really the other guy that was stayed all of the time i don't know. kennedy: is there anyone you like? as you watch stuff now, it
5:51 am
just 3. is there no one there you think would do a good job. >> i like the blank we get to write in your own name. kennedy: at-this-point, if it is hillary clinton versus donald trump, do you think that hardest election we have seen? >> yeah. i think so. i think that -- well for me, we've been friends for a long time, you know a lot about me. when we first met we did rock the vote thing in '92 for democratic national convention. i had a lot of experience covering politics, and i think that the way that the whole process is right now, it like who do you vote for? the lesser of two evils, you hear celebrities say, if trump gets elected i'm moving -- i hillary gets elected, i am moving, it is like, do something about it if you
5:52 am
don't like the political process, change it. kennedy: when i was a intern at capitol records, i took a cassette of rest in piece, do you talk to the guys in metallica. >> sometimes. kennedy: who are you closest with. >> none. kennedy: no. >> close if you mean close, close, it is weird, have you a friendship then broken up uyou tell yourself, you be, justify where. and a lot of times you want to make the other person look like the bad guy. you don't want to show have you emotion about it if you done care -- don't care about something they have no cape bill tie of hurts your feelings that feud of the buried decades ago, people keep asking they don't know, i used to ge bin out of shape, i think that funny people say, so what is is like in metal -- oh, -- megadeth .
5:53 am
kennedy: that was a long time ago, and metal prevails. of those bands who would make the best president. >> me. kennedy: all right very good, i would say scott ian. >> probably. but. kennedy: he is nimble yet cranky. >> he is. >> are on tour? >> one day in puerto rico. kennedy: a phenomenal little bit to be they love marco rubio there they love metal. >> well,. kennedy: great weather, david thank you so much, come back any time, it is not getting any more sane. >> thank you. >> yeah. kennedy: coming up, i know you have been slipping notes and litters under my door, i read your viewer mail after this -- but firsting programming note do not miss premier of ""wall street week." tomorrow night 8 p.m. eastern
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on fbn, first episode general david petraeus, commenting on apple battle with the fbi. >> if you ask me do i want our government to be able to decrypt what someone has on the phone, i would say yes, do i want apple to make a backdoor to, that i would say no. i don't think that apple should become pehleshould be -- compelled to make a backdoor it would make the backdoor it would make the technology so much more here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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5:58 am
say, i like your show. fantastic. >> karen, how old are you? you sound like a schoolgirl? how much experience have you had in real life. i have watched you, i'm sorry to say, you are overrated. i would rate you but there is no yelp category for unattractive middle age prostitute. >> then great show, i just wish you would not talk at the same time. you should hear the voices in my head, it is like a kalena tutt phony. >> -- cacophony. >> simple to know, no one wants to hear from you.
5:59 am
love your show, you are brilliant and insane. you are brin sane. they should write a song about that. >> you are beautiful, andt, buty chosen cast again, karma will swat outback side. karma? that was my pole name in high school. >> you need new writers. i would like to make a statement from bottom of high heart, that i kenle kennedy have prepared made, my writers are best dressed, funniest, in the business. >> and kennedy, you are terrible, get over yourself already. do you know when i say, vinny? get into myself.
6:00 am
thanks for watching the show. i have a hug for you. lou dobbs. the gop establishment tonight is playing a very dangerous game as they have made stopping donald trump the number one priority of their party. these are the same gop elites who have screwed up and lost two presidential elections in a row and today a secretive group of republican operatives and conservative leaders met for some five hours in washington. they were there talking about ways to deny voters who want donald trump to be the nominee. this group of conservatives led by red state founder erick erickson found a bit like an


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